Recommended Baseball Fiction

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These lists were compiles by Peter "Doctor Baseball" C. Bjarkman, Chairman of SABR's Latin American Committee and author of a comprehensive study of baseball literature, The Immortal Diamond.
(These lists were compiled several years ago.)



Carkeet, David: The Greatest Slump of All Time (1984) Buy this book
Charyn, Jerome: The Seventh Babe (1979) Buy this book
Coover, Robert: The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Proprietor (1968) Buy this book
Graham, John: Babe Ruth Caught In A Snowstorm (1973) Buy this book
Greenberg, Eric: The Celebrant (1983) Buy this book
Harris, Mark: The Southpaw Buy this book
Harris, Mark: Bang The Drum Slowly Buy this book
Herrin, Lamar: Rio Loja Ringmaster (1977) Buy this book
Kinsella, W.P.: Shoeless Joe (1982) Buy this book
Kinsella, W.P.: The Iowa Baseball Confederacy (1986) Buy this book
Malamud, Bernard: The Natural (1952) Buy this book
Roth, Philip: The Great American Novel (1973) Buy this book


Ardizzone, Tony: Heart of the Order (1986) Buy this book
Asinof, Eliot: Man On Spikes (1955) Buy this book
Bell, Marty: Breaking Balls (1979)
Bowen, Michael: Can't Miss (1987) Buy this book
Brady, Charles: Seven Games In October (1979)
Browne, Robert: The New AToms' Bombshell (1980) Buy this book
Originally published as The Last Man Is Out by Marvin Karlin Buy this book
Burch, Mark H.: Road Game (1986) Buy this book
Craig, John: All G.O.D.'s Children (1975) Buy this book
Craig, John: Chappie and Me (1979) Buy this book
Cronley, Jay: Screwballs (1980) Buy this book
DeAndrea, William: Five O'Clock Lightning (1982) Buy this book
Deford, Frank: Casey On The Loose (1989) Buy this book
Donohue, James F.: Spitballs & Holy Water (1977)
Everett, Percival: Suder Buy this book
Frank, Morry: Every Young Man's Dream - Confessions of a Southern League Shortstop (1984)
Geller, Michael: Major League Murder (1988) Buy this book
Gethers, Peter: Getting Blue (1987) Buy this book
Gordon, Alison: Dead Pull Hitter (1990) Buy this book
Gregorich, Barbara: She's On First (1987) Buy this book
Harris, Mark: A Ticket For A Seamstich Buy this book
Harris, Mark: It Looked Like Forever (1979) Buy this book
Hays, Donald: The Dixie Association (1984) Buy this book
Hemphill, Paul: Long Gone (1979) Buy this book
Honig, Donald: The Last Great Season (1979) Buy this book
Hough, John, Jr.: The Conduct of the Game (1986) Buy this book
Kahn, Roger: The Seventh Game (1982) Buy this book
Kluger, Steve: Changing Pitches (1984) Buy this book
Kowet, Don: The 7th Game (1977)
Lardner, Ring: You Know Me Al (1960) Buy this book
Littlefield, Bill: The Prospect (1989) Buy this book
Mayer, Robert: The Grace of Shortstops (1984) Buy this book
McAlpine, Gordon: Joy in Mudville (1989) Buy this book
Morgenstein, Gary: The Man Who Wanted to Play Center Field for the New York Yankees Buy this book
Morgenstein, Gary: Take Me Out To The Ballgame (1980) Buy this book
Neugeboren, Jay: Sam's Legacy (1974) Buy this book
Peuchner, Ray: A Grand Slam (1973)
Platt, Kinn: The Screwball King Murders (1978) Buy this book
Plimpton, George: The Curious Case of Sidd Finch (1987) Buy this book
Pomeranz, Gary: Out At Home (1985) Buy this book
Quarrington, Paul: Home Game (1983) Buy this book
Rice, Damon: Seasons Past (1976) Buy this book
Ritz, David: The Man Who Brought the Dodgers Back To Brooklyn (1981) Buy this book
Rothweiler, Paul R.: The Sensuous Southpaw (1976) Buy this book
Schiffer, Michael: Ballpark (1982) Buy this book
Small, David: Almost Famous (1983) Buy this book
Snyder, Don J.: Veterans Park (1987) Buy this book
Stansberry, Domenic: The Spoiler Buy this book
Stein, Harry: Hoopla (1983) Buy this book
Tannenbaum, Sylvia: Rachel, the Rabbi's Wife (1978) Buy this book
Willard, Nancy: Things Invisible To See (1984) Buy this book
Wolff, Miles, Jr.: Season of the Owl (1980) Buy this book


OK, here's my own attempt to list some more recent works that are more than worthy of being added to these lists. (and a few earlier ones that I just like)
If you have reccommendations to add, please email me with them.

Bauer, Brad: Hitting in the Clutch (2006) Buy this book
Billed as a Baseball book for the Maxim crowd, Hitting in the Clutch is a rowdy, crude, hilarious look at what really goes on inside the clubhouse and on and off the field among professional baseball players.
This books is a HOOT! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a fictional Ball Four, written during the 2004 Arizona Diamondbacks season. Clutch, the fictional author of the book, and his buddies are a lot like high-school boys, always cracking one-liners, talking crude and looking for monkey. It may be fiction but I thoroughly believe a lot of it is likely to be the way some ballplayers really are (or do I just want to believe it?). As crude and rude as Clutch is, I found myself actually caring about him by the end of the book. It's one of the funniest books I've read in a while. Run, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore and get a copy. You won't be sorry. Highly recommended!
Bauer, Brad: Homering in the Clutch (2007) Buy this book
Bechard, Gorman: Balls (1995) Buy this book
Benjamin, Paul: Squeeze Play (1982) Buy this book
Bishop, Michael: Brittle Innings (1994) Buy this book
Bookbinder, Bernie: Out at the Old Ball Game (1995) Buy this book
Brashler, William: The Bingo Long Travelling All-Stars and Motor Kings (1973) Buy this book
Brock, Darryl: If I Never Get Back (1990) Buy this book
Cabral, Rick: The Pitch: The Adventures of Luther Woundup and His Magical Orange Ball (2004) Buy this book
Cartwright, Gene: I Never Played Catch With My Father (1995) Buy this book
Cook, Marshall: The Year of the Buffalo (1997) Buy this book
Cook, Marshall: Off Season: A Novel of Love, Faith and Minor League Baseball (2002) Buy this book
Evers, Crabbe: Bleeding Dodger Blue (1991) Buy this book
Evers, Crabbe: Murder in Wrigley Field (1991) Buy this book
Evers, Crabbe: Murderer's Row (1991) Buy this book
Evers, Crabbe: Fear In Fenway (1993) Buy this book
Evers, Crabbe: Tigers Burning (1994) Buy this book
Gardner, Martin, ed.: The Annotated Casey at the Bat (1967) Buy this book
Grant, Richard J.:The December Rose (1995) Buy this book
A wonderful story of a retired star who gets the chance to play again.
Keifetz, Norman: The Sensation 1975) Buy this book
King, Kevin: All the Stars Came Out That Night (2005) Buy this book
Kinsella, WP: Magic Time (2002) Buy this book
Lasser, Scott: Battle Creek (2000) Buy this book
Looney, Mike: Heroes Are Hard To Find (2004) Buy this book
McAllister, Troon: The Kid Who Batted 1.000 (2002) Buy this book
Nemo, John: The King's Game (2006) Buy this book
Veteran pitcher Cody King takes the mound for Game Seven of the World Series unaware it will mark the final nine innings of his troubled existence. With each pitch, King confronts a past - from being abandoned by his teenage mother to fighting to keep his wife's love from fading away - filled with tragedy and talent. - from the book
I really enjoyed this book. It's structured much the same as Michael Shaara's For Love of the Game, but the content is quite different. Cody King is one of the greats and has taken the Warriors, perennial losers all the way to game 7 of the World Series. Intertwined with pitching the final game, he relives events of his very troubled past. The author definitely knows his baseball. The action is good and believable, but as with most good baseball fiction, it's about much more than baseball. I definitely recommend it!
Newlin, Paul: It Had To Be A Woman (1979) Buy this book
Pomeranz, Gary: Out At Home (1985) Buy this book
Ross, Calvin: Aliens of Summer (1995) Buy this book
The Cleveland Indians are playing out of this world. Which is not surprising, considering not one of them was born in this solar system. The San Francisco Giants, on the other hand, are buried in last place. A man named Belteron wants to help them in the worst way, and he's come a long way to do it. In The Aliens of Summer, we discover that there's more than one way to play the game. By the end of the season, baseball may never be the same!
Baseball with a Science Fiction twist. Imagine baseball developing on a distant planet exactly as it did here on Earth - what could be more natural? This book drags just a bit at times, but is definitely worth staying with it. Mr. Ross may not have played much baseball himself but you wouldn't know it from reading this novel. It's got several very memorable characters and the baseball is very real and good. As I was finishing it, during the game scenes near the end, I was totally enthralled. I kept saying to my son, "This is GOOD!" I heartily recommend it!
Sayles, John: Pride of the Bimbos (1975) Buy this book
Shaara, Michael: For Love of the Game (1991) Buy this book
Smith, H. Allen: Rhubarb (1946) Buy this book
Soos, Troy: Murder at Ebbets Field (1995) Buy this book
Soos, Troy: Murder at Fenway Park (1995) Buy this book
Soos, Troy: Hunting a Detroit Tiger (1997) Buy this book
Soos, Troy: Murder at Wrigley Field (1997) Buy this book
Soos, Troy: The Cincinnatti Red Stalkings (1998) Buy this book
Valenza, Mark Allen: Baseball & Benevolence (1993) Buy this book
New York Newsday, 9/23/94 :
"Field of Dreams meets It's a Wonderful life under the influence of John Grisham."
Weaver, Will: Striking Out (1995) Buy this book
Weaver, Will: Hard Ball (1998) Buy this book
Weaver, Will: Farm Team (1999) Buy this book

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